Karolina: In English, or not !

by Sietse Bakker 52 views

A Macedonian newspaper wrote that Karolina Goceva, the Macedonian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will most likely cancel her participation if she is not allowed to sing the song 'Od nas zavisi' in English. Her big wish is to sing in English and the newspaper sources told that so far she has not changed her mind.

“I am going to be handicapped if I sing the song in Macedonian, knowning that most all participating countries at Eurosong will sing in English”, she said.

“Germany and Spain are allowing its representatives to sing in English. After my victory, I was told that I will have to sing in Macedonian, even though there was an option to record the song in both versions to hear which sounds better. The decision was to be made after that. The English version of 'Od nas zavisi' sounds very good”, says Karolina.

However, Ljupco Jakimovski, general director of MRT, said in his interview in today's insert “Antena”: “Following the official rules of EBU, the Estonian TV has already been informed that the composition is going to be sung in Macedonian. I don't know why there exists a dilemma”.

To avoid a conflict, the best option might be to perform the song in two languages, just like XXL did in 2000 in Stockholm.

If Karolina refuses to participate in Tallinn, Macedonia will not have a representative, since the deadline has passed.

Sure to be continued…

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