No Serbia at this year's contest?

by Sietse Bakker 158 views

The boyband No Name, that represents Serbia & Montenegro at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, announced itself as the “Montenegrin representatives”. A sensitive political issue, as they officially represent Serbia & Montenegro…

The 'Montenegrin' delegation spread tourism information about Montenegro and printed shirts with 'Montenegro' on it. Later this week, the 'Montenegrin' party will take place.

One of the journalists at the press conference asked of Serbia or Montenegro would host the next Eurovision Song Contest if they would win. “Well, the guys are from Montenegro so I�m sure we�ll see you all there next year”, the Head of Delegation said.

Apart from this political issue, the delegation was happy with the first stage rehearsal. The present journalists and fans were less impressed. “The choreography of the boys looks chaotic and incomplete”, a group of journalists present at the rehearsals said.

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