Ruslana ends hunger strike

by Sietse Bakker 111 views

While it becomes more and more likely that new elections are going to be held in Ukraine, Ruslana announced she ended her hunger strike. We learned that from VRT news and Ruslana's team.

Ruslana, who started her hunger strike on Wednesday, planned to continue her strike until the election outcome would be declared invalid. The Ukrainian parliament voted against the result yesterday and thus Ruslana decided to stop drinking only water and tea. The Ukrainian parliament doesn't have the right to officially declare it invalid, but it's an important signal.

“In case the developments change into negative ones again, I will start my hunger strike again”, Ruslana said to several international media.

Last week, Ruslana gave a concert for her fans in Kiev's Palats Sportu, the venue for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. 500 V.I.P. tickets were made available for the demonstrators supporting opposition candidate Yuschenko. You can find some pictures of the concert at her official website.

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