Catherine Ferry searches record company

by Edwin van Gorp 55 views

Former French Eurovision participant Catherine Ferry has recorded a “Best of” album. She now searches a record company to publish it.

Catherine Ferry participated for France in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 in the Hague. With her song Un, deux, trois, she reached the second place. The song is still, comparatively speaking, the best scoring, non-winning Eurovision Song Contest-entry.

In 1989, Catherine decided to end her career and focus on the raising of her child. Now that her child is almost 15 years old, she is working on a come-back, Catherine told in an interview on Mona FM, a big radio station in the North of France. Previously she released a single, Rien que toi et moi (Nothing else but you and me), now the recording of a “Best of” album is finished. The only problem is that she hasn't found a record company to publish it yet.

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