The Netherlands: Artist Koonian unites all Eurovision 2019 song titles in celebratory mashup!

by Roy Knoops 1,631 views

He did it again: just as in 2018, Dutch artist Koonian managed to unite all 41 Eurovision 2019 song titles in one track, creating a perfect anthem in anticipation of this year’s contest in Tel Aviv!

Last year, Dutch website Eurostory challenged singer Koonian to include every Eurovision song title in one track, which resulted in the catchy What does it all mean? For the 2019 edition, Eurostory returned to Koonian with the same question: can you incorporate every song title in your lyrics?

The anwser is: yes, he can! And actually within three minutes, as in good Eurovision tradition.

The outcome is I don’t speak your language, a celebratory anthem for Eurovision 2019! Although we may not understand each other’s language, music is a universal language, ultimately expressed by our shared love for Eurovision.

Enjoy I don’t speak your language:

Who is Koonian?

Koonian is an upcoming singer-songwriter and performance artist who has developed his own unique style and creative expression. From his website:

“Koonian Thomas (1990) is a Dutch singer-songwriter, novelist and screenwriter. He graduated from the renowned Koningstheateracademie, where he developed his own unique way of storytelling. His songs and stories occupy their own narrative world and always try to connect to each other.

In addition to his own work, he has been writing songs, lyrics and screenplays for pop artists, theater and TV for years. One of the songs he wrote for a well-known Dutch album for kids went platinum in 2016.”

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About Eurostory

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