Eurovision 2017: Moldova’s second rehearsal in Kyiv

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2nd rehearsal4 May 2017
15:00 - 15:20
Press Conference: 16:05 - 16:25
SunStroke Project
Hey Mamma
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People on stage:
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Rehearsal footage

For the first time, the EBU will be publishing official rehearsal footage from the second rehearsal, giving an insight into what the performance will look like on television screens during the live shows.

Official images

(Andres Putting/ ©)

Quick poll!

Following Moldova’s second rehearsal, ESCToday hosted a quick poll to get your opinion on the official footage from the venue. Here’s how you voted!

Quick Poll: Moldova 2nd rehearsal

Hey mamma! What do you think of the #Moldovan rehearsal?

Posted by Esctoday on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sunstroke Project takes to the stage in Kyiv next for their second rehearsal with the Moldovan team:

  • The band members together with their backing vocalists are wearing their official outfits today

All band members all wearing their official costumes today. As expected, they’re wearing the same suits as seen in their backdrop, national final and official video – black suits with white piping and white shirts.

A very fun and energetic performance from the Moldovan trio today, but very much a copy and pasted version of their national selection performance, just in bigger form. The arena is alive during Sunstroke Project’s performance and is bound to put a smile of the voting public’s faces.

The trio’s energy together with the catchiness of the song could fare well for Moldova in the competition.

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