Festival da Canção 2009: update from dress rehearsal

by Luis Florindo 55 views

The rehearsal wen smoothly for all the contestants. Only Luciana Abreu did not disclose the final clothes she will wear tonight.

There are just a few hours to go till we know who will succeed Vânia Fernandes and sing in Moscow next May in the Eurovision Songcontest 2009.

Before the performers get to the stage there is a mix of a dance routine by a group of dancers and montage of various hosts of RTP singing side-by-side with previous winners. The hosts are dressed like the original singers and theduets use footage from past competitions.It is a well houmoured way to start the show.

Nucha opens the night with a strong and confident performance with lots of black and leather in the mix. The song Tudo está na tua mãois an explosion of rock and energy.On the screens you can see flames.

Romana is the nextsinger with a more tame and static performance. She is surrounded by five musicians playing instrumentslinked to the portuguese folklore. Romana wears a black alfet inspired on gipsy clothes. The song Acordem olhosdoirados is well received on the hall.

Next on stage is Filipa Baptista and her five chandeleers. She is dressed in a simple but beautiful red dress and delievers agood performance. In the middle of the song five backing singers join her and do a simple coreography. O teu lugar is a kind of ballad that usually goes well with the audience.

Song number 4 is by Andre Rodrigues and his band. They all wear clothes in black and red. It is a regular rock performance. André sings many verses ofNão vou voltar a mim with a falsetto voice.

Luciana Abreu is the next in line and delivers a strong vocal performance which is enhanced by the five male backing singers. Sometimes the high pitch can be exagerated. None of the people on stage wore the alfets which will be presented only on the live show.

Nuno Norte takes to the stage to sing Lua sem luar. He isaccompanied by three backing singers and two musicians playing trumpet and saxophone. There is a jazzy feel to the song throughout the wholeperformance.

The latin sounds of Tayti come in number 7 with the song Amore mio, amore mio. The song is caychy since the first verses and the stageis very clourful. Lacks a bit of extra coreography for a this kind of music. Tânia wears amauve dress and Cathy a long silver alfet.

Fernando Pereira is joined on stage by three dancers and two backing singerstodelieverÉ o amor. The melody is simple and immeddiate with a 80´s vibe to it.

Amar mais forte que o vento issung by EvaDanimflawlessly. It is a good performance and the use of a portuguese guitargives it that extraPortuguese feel to it.

Francisco Andrade sings in slot number10.Backed by three backing singers wearing sparkling dresses the performance of Voar é ver is quite relaxed and somewhat uninspired. Francisco wears a sporty version of a tuxedo.

The group Flor de Lissing Todas as ruas do Amor in a very simple and effective way. The song has afolklore feel to it and goes on nice on stage.

Nuno e Fábia put up a hair-dressing salon on stage to perform Não demores (quero-te aquecer).The three coupleswear colourful clothes inspires in the 1950´s.The song is catchy and the performance is well houmoured. A nice way to close the competition.

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